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Fine Bar Tech has developed its business by utilizing its precise engineering of grinding and polishing metal cylinders.
By our sedulous efforts to make acquired technology of us improved, we have provided authentic products to various customers on a world class.
In April 2008, we received ISO 9001 certification. To elevate the quality of our products, we are eager to improve our technology, not to adhere to only established ones.
We are also moving forward to contribute to achievement of affluent society by our technology.
We greatly appreciate your continuing encouragement and support for us.

Katsumi Furumoto
Chief Executive Officer

Business contents

Manufacturing various precise rolls, repairing various rolls, selectable machining, grinding, and mirror finishing
Hard chrome plating
Designing and manufacturing a broad range of jigs

Locations of offices and manufactories

Head Office and manufactory

4-7-32, Nakanohigashi, Aki-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, Japan Zip 739-0323
Tel. +81-82-892-3434
Fax. +81-82-892-3440

Funakoshi manufactory (Plating)

4-10-1, Funakoshi-minami, Aki-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, Japan Zip 736-0082
Tel. +81-82-823-5620
Fax. +81-82-823-7431


1971/04 Furumoto seiken manufacturing was founded at Nishihara, Gion, Hiroshima-shi.
Started business mainly in grinding and polishing metal cylinders.
1974/04 Became an incorporated as Furumoto seiken manufacturing.
1975/04 Moved from Nishihara, gion to Yagashin-machi.
Installed cylindrical and surface grinding machines.
1977/05 New plating manufacturing constructed at Funakoshi-cho.
1978/06 Installed buffing lathes and mirror finishing machines in the plating manufacturing.
1985/03 New screw manufacturing constructed at Kaita-cho.
Installed screw lathes manufactured by Wanderer Co. and general lathes manufactured by Dainichi kinzoku.
1985/09 Moved Head Office and polishing manufactory at Yaga within the same town for expansion.
1987/06 Installed two more cylindrical grinding lathes in Head Office and manufactory.
1988/10 Installed CNC type screw lathes into the screw manufactory at Kaita-cho.
1991/05 Moved the manufactory at Kaita-cho to Nakanohigashi, or the current Head office and manufactory.
1994/09 Established a branch in Osaka.
1996/09 Expanded Head Office into a two-story building.
Absorbed and moved the grinding and polishing manufactory in Yaga.
1999/06 Installed NC grinding and polishing machine manufactured by Yamazaki mazack in the Head Office and manufactory.
2001/11 Installed INTE 50 manufactured by Shigiya machine manufactory in the Head Office and manufactory.
2002/04 Established a branch in Yamaguchi.
2003/10 Moved the polishing manufactory at Funakoshi within the same city.
2005/04 Company was renamed as Fine Bar Tech Co., Ltd.
Ceded the screw department to an affiliate company.
2005/04 Installed two TAC-950 and 650 manufactured by Takisawa machine tool in the Head Office and manufactory.
2006/09 Implemented a sales and purchase network system.
2008/04 Received ISO 9001 certification.
2010/06 Chief executive officer Mikio Furumoto became chairman of board of directors and executive director Katsumi Furumoto became chief executive officer.


Installed a line for fine nickel plating.
2011/04 Closed the branch at Osaka.
2011/07 Installed one TAC-650 manufactured by Takisawa machine tool in the Head Office and manufactory.
2015/01 Eliminated a line for fine nickel plating.
2020/07 Closed the branch at Yamaguchi.

Main customers of us

Steel company 
The trading company for steel companies  
Coil line system manufacture company  
Each coil center company  
Bearing maker 
Resin machine production maker 
Textile machine manufacture maker 
Various industrial machine makers 
The rubber maker for cars 
Each other company  

Corporate Profile

Name Fine Bar Tech Co., Ltd.
Initiated April 1, 1971
Founded April 1, 1974
Chairman of board of directors Mikio Furumoto
Chief executive officer Katsumi Furumoto
Executive managing director Kojiro Furumoto
Capital 30 million yen
Enployees 37 (2020/7)
Main banks The Hiroshima Bank, The Hiroshima Shinkin Bank

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