Quality Control

Our Quality Policy

  1. We remember that no one can live single-handedly. So we always do our works with a spirit of cooperation in good senses and ideas with thanksgiving in our hearts.
  2. We are living our lives with helps from our customers and like-minded persons. We sincerely strive for improvement with respects for different opinions and thoughtfulness to others.

Being always aware of the quality maintenance and improvement, and controlling the quality thoroughly, we conduct activities to gain customer's satisfaction.

The list of measuring instruments which we possess

Outer Diameter Micro Measuring Instrument / Block Gage / Bar Gage / Dial Indicator / Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument / End Measuring Machine / Roundness Measuring Instrument / Hardness Scale(HV) / Hardness Scale (HS) / Tangential Force Measuring Instrument / Electromagnetic thickness meter / Ammeter / Voltmeter / Manual 2D Vision Measuring Systems

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