Fine Bar Tech’s high-precision processing technologies

Prominent technologies and originality producing further technologies – Fine Bar Tech has grown. Our products produced by merging of technologies with integrated manufacturing provide finest rolls and give our customers satisfaction, along of improving technologies that are not only in the meaning of FINE, or precise and excellent, but also supreme BAR TECHnology.
However, what we assume as never-ending is the spread of areas of technology. Fine Bar Tech has sedulously developed new technologies to cater our customers by providing them our products that exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

Polishing technology

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Grinding technology

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Our various products produced by technologies of Fine, Bar, and Tech from ‘Fine Bar Tech’ as our corporate name, are manufactured in a plant specialized for manufacturing rolls.
In our central office and plant, most advanced laches for manufacturing, machines for super polishing, testing, and assembling are on the ground floor. And second floor is an area specialized for ultra-precise polishing rolls. This structure avoided waste make it possible to cut down our work environment and lead time.

Each kinds of rolls and various high-precision parts, composite products manufactured by a combination of the head office, the head plant, and the Funakoshi plant, has confirmed a continuous production line. It has received high commendation from our customers in point of top quality, quick delivery, and low-cost.
By our working on various technical problems becoming more deep and complex year by year, we are actively trying to apply characteristic technologies acquired by now and abundant know-how of them to the area of our products.

Technology of metal plating

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Funakoshi plant is a plant dealing with surface treatments, and it mainly plates with hard chrome.
We could approach to surface condition from various aspects connected with the hard chrome plating, such as buff grinding, shot blasting, and so on.
Hard chrome plating, as high solidity coat, has predominance properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance, sheens, easy releasing, and so, and it can be used for any and all materials and products. It’s a surface treatment which keeps their shape better in heat, since it was treated by a wet and cryogenic processing. By releasing the coat, you can reuse it any number of times.
Having recognized that it’s a one of most important issue common to human beings to safeguard the integrity of global environment, we attempt to do so and to aim at sustainable development.

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